Lawn Care Tips For a Healthy Yard

Lawn Care Tips For a Healthy Yard

A green and thriving lawn increases the value of your home, helps you lead the neighborhood in curb appeal and gives you the perfect place for hosting summer parties. Focusing on making your yard healthy takes quite a bit of work, but you’ll reap the rewards in the long run. Continue reading


How to Keep Weeds Under Control

How to Keep Weeds Under Control

Is 2017 the year you finally offer a seasonal guarantee on a weed-free lawn to your customers? With the right pre-emergent herbicides applied to your lawn in February, this dream can become a reality without sinking your business with the cost of upkeep over the summer. Pre-emergent fertilizer offers a one-two punch of weed control and growth stimulation that will finally get even the most stubborn turf weeds under control. Continue reading

Gas vs. Battery Power: Which is Best for Your Lawn Care Needs?

Gas vs. Battery Power: Which is Best for Your Lawn Care Needs?

Lawn maintenance professionals have a difficult balancing act; they need to offer competitive pricing, do an outstanding job that keeps the clients coming back and still make a profit. This leaves them ever searching for equipment that is efficient, long lasting, easy to use and cost effective. With improved battery and motor technology in the forefront these days, many landscaping professionals are beginning to wonder if the time is right to make the big move to battery-powered tools. Continue reading