Exmark: The Best Mower Available for Your Business

Exmark: The Best Mower Available for Your Business

As lawns across the Southeast reawaken and begin growing again with vigor, it is only a matter of weeks before it’s time to start your mowing routines again. How lucrative are your mowing contracts going to be this year? If you’re working with aging and inefficient equipment, you might even find it hard to break even on small lawns. Investing in a brand new mower from Exmark, the most respected commercial cutters, could save you money despite what you’re spending upfront to purchase it.

Fine Tuning

First, Exmark knows what landscapers and lawn care professionals face on a daily basis, so their mowers are designed to streamline the process as much as possible. Each small detail and fine-tuned part shave seconds off of your lawn cutting routine, and all those seconds add up over the course of a day and then a week. Saving time means saving money and energy, resulting in higher profits without having to work yourself or your crew to the bone. Some of the fine details that help an Exmark product stand out include:

First, Exmark knows what landscapers and lawn care professionals face on a daily basis, so their mowers are designed to streamline the process as much as possible.

  • Clutch saver component for faster engagement and disengagement of the PTO without damaging delicate parts.
  • Advanced load tracking equipment, which perfectly matches engine power to the demands of the job for more efficient mowing.
  • Oil temperature and pressure control to prevent overheating and pressurization while you’re cruising around and checking your work.

Red Technology

Of course, these are just the small details that are like icing on the cake. The true value to a lawn professional lies in the energy saving Red Technology used by this manufacturer. The Red advancements are mostly under the hood, but the three-way rocker switch on the control panel is a definite indication of fuel friendliness. By giving you more stages of precise control over the mower blade and wheel speed, these mowers allow you to only use as much power as is necessary at any given time. Why waste all that expensive fuel running at top speed when you’re just taking a quarter inch off of a quarter acre lawn? Spend less energy on the lawns that are easy so you can turn a tidier profit without sacrificing the power you need for the real challenges.

We could go on and on about how Exmark mowers are designed better, including a deeper deck to maximize cutting performance and clipping pickup even when you’re moving at the fastest speeds. Or we could mention the comfortable seats and ergonomic mower controls. However, we feel like seeing the Exmark mowers in person is the fastest way to convince yourself they’re the best. Come on down and visit all of the latest models from this company at Commercial Lawn Equipment. We’re an exclusive dealer for Exmark products, and right now we’re offering an amazing 0% financing deal on all equipment.

Interested in new equipment? We offer 0% financing! Contact us


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