How to Fix Your Lawn Problems

How to Fix Your Lawn Problems

You work hard to keep your lawn looking picture perfect. However, it seems like a never-ending fight to keep weeds and insects at bay. What can be done to keep your lawn looking good? 

Proper lawn care begins with regular mowing and using the right fertilizer. Taking the time to learn what your grass needs will help any homeowner create the lush green lawn of their dreams.

Not sure where to begin? Here are a few common lawn care problems, along with tips and suggestions for dealing with them.


It seems to take over your lawn in the blink of an eye. Crabgrass is extremely invasive and grows quickly. The best thing you can do to prevent crabgrass is to fertilize regularly (especially in the spring and fall) and keep your lawn mowed at the right height. Crabgrass loves ultra-low cuttings so don’t cut your grass too low!


Every homeowner must fight a weed attack from time to time. Your best defense is a good offense. Be careful of overwatering (or under-watering) and shaded areas because they are most susceptible to weed growth.


Lawns that lack enough fertilizer often sprout dandelions. While they are perfect for bees, they can kill off a healthy lawn. When dealing with dandelions, be sure to get out the entire root and be sure to pull these invasive perennials before they have a chance to spread their seeds.


The trouble with fungus is that by the time you realize there is a problem, it has already done its damage and died off. Most homeowners do not understand that treating fungus-infested grass is a waste of time and money. Instead, concentrate on reseeding the area and encouraging new grass growth.

Moss thrives in wet, shady and unfertilized areas. While sprays can help kill what’s growing, it will not stop new growth – only altering the environment can do that.


Moss thrives in wet, shady and unfertilized areas. While sprays can help kill what’s growing, it will not stop new growth – only altering the environment can do that.

Too Much Shade

Grass can’t grow without good sunlight. For grassy areas underneath trees and bushes, your best tactic is to keep them trimmed, add shade-tolerant seed to the area and plant ground cover directly beneath trees instead of typical grass.

Compacted Soil

Water and nutrients have a hard time getting through hardened soil that has become compacted. The best way to combat this problem is to have a company like Commercial Lawn Equipment come out for regular aeration services.


Brown and yellow grass may be infected with grubs. If you discover this to be true, be sure to spray during July and August when grubs are immature and more likely to die.

Dog Urine

Small patches of brown grass surrounded by a rich green grass are usually the result of nitrogen. The most likely cause is dog urine. If you have a pet, the only recourse you have is to find another space for your dog to urinate and reseed the area.

Proper lawn care isn’t difficult, but sometimes it requires a little professional help. When faced with lawn problems you don’t know how to handle, call on the experts at Commercial Lawn Equipment. Take advantage of our 0% financing option.

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