The End of Landscaping Season: What to Work on this Winter

The End of Landscaping Season: What to Work on this Winter

A number of landscape service companies in harsher climates face a wintertime dilemma. The grass turns brown, plants hibernate, autumn leaves are swept up and there’s not much else to do. If you want to keep your business from being an on-and-off season service, it’s time to fill these empty months with a different set of services that your customers will appreciate. We have a few ideas for you to consider when it comes to this important work expansion. Continue reading


The Benefits of a Leaf Blower Vacuum

The Benefits of a Leaf Blower Vacuum

With fall maintenance projects in full swing, it’s time to talk about leaf blowers and particularly, vacuum models. If you don’t have a leaf blower or have been considering the merits of adding more cleanup tools to your service, this is a great place to start! Continue reading

How to Winterize Your Lawn

How to Winterize Your Lawn

There are many things to do when preparing your home for winter. But have you considered what your lawn needs? While grass does tend to go dormant in most areas of the country during the winter months, that does not mean it doesn’t need a little help staying strong and healthy. Without the right preparation, even the healthiest lawn can become sickly and weak after a long winter. Watch your grass grow next spring by winterizing it now.  Continue reading

Premium Commercial Lawn Equipment Branded Lawn Seed Blend

Premium Commercial Lawn Equipment Branded Lawn Seed Blend

With autumn right around the corner, now is the best time to begin scheduling overseeding appointments with your residential and commercial clients to help keep their turf healthy, lush and thick in the months ahead. Choosing the optimal grass seed for every location and condition is key to maintaining a beautiful lawn, but beware — all grass seed is not equal. Every turf species and variety has unique qualities, growth patterns, and adaptation characteristics. While the Nashville area is located in a climate zone that is best-suited for cool season grasses, warm season varieties flourish just one climate zone away. So, how do you know which grass is best for your area? Here’s a handy guide to help you understand the best options for your overseeding. Continue reading

Mowing Patterns: Aesthetic vs. Function

Mowing Patterns: Aesthetic vs. Function

At one point or another, everyone has seen and appreciated the beauty of a perfectly striped lawn. Whether on a sports field or a private lawn, a carefully striped lawn is something to admire. It is also a goal that many homeowners strive for and is a skill that can take quite a while to perfect. The following information is brought to you by the team at Commercial Lawn Equipment and looks at the ins and outs of lawn striping. Continue reading

Are You Changing Your Mower Oil Regularly?

Are You Changing Your Mower Oil Regularly?

Creating and maintaining the perfect lawn requires the right equipment. Once you’ve found the best mower for your needs, it is essential to keep that piece of equipment in good working condition. Mower engines use oil to lubricate interior components, and that oil needs to be changed on a regular basis. Very few drivers overlook the importance of having their auto oil changed on regular schedule, yet many people fail to extend the same level of care to their mowers. The team at Commercial Lawn Equipment offers the following guide to knowing when, how and why to change your mower’s oil. Continue reading